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Tack Repair and Crafting

Conchos (Silver, decorative, and leather)

Bridal Loops

Rhinestone Rivets and Spots

Rivets (Copper, brass, and steel)

Buckles (large selection of sizes and styles)

Eyelets and Grommets

Saddle Screws


Chicago Screws

Saddle Oils, Cleaners, and Paste

Leather Stamps

Leather Working Tools and Punches

Leather Crafting Kits

Leather Crafting Accessories such as clasps, rings, magnets

Leather Awls, Threads, and Leather Lacing

Leather Paints and Stains

Saddle Repair Screws

Leathers that we carry:

Shoulders, Bellies, Whole Sides

Various Straps and Belts (finished and unfinished)

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